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Incentives in Prague, Czech Republic by Prague Passion Tourist

Exclusive tailor-made tours and programmes are our domain. If you are looking for something “out of the box”, let us know and we will give you some options straight away. We organize thematically focused stays, visits to exclusive premises, private tours and river cruises. Let us know your requirements and we will show your group that impossible is nothing.

Whether you want to experience real Czech folklore and culture, or are eager to visit one of local microbreweries and enjoy some beer tasting, you can be sure you will be always recommended the best. We are proud that we can present the beauties of our country and we make sure you will leave with feeling you didn’t miss anything.

City rally / Treasure Hunt

One of the most popular programmes nowadays. There is nothing better to learn about Prague, while competing against each other, deciphering enigmas, following clues and tracing secret agents in the heart of Prague. Whether you prefer to walk, run or drive in historical cars there will always be catching and adventurous programme ready for you



Sporting programmes

  • As the Czech Republic is home to many active sportsmen, there are great conditions for many kinds of sports. If your group fancies an original tour or trip, grab your bike, get on a quad, board the Speedboat and dive into new adventures
  • Let us help you and together with us set off for exciting adventure such as quad off-road trip, rafting, hot air balloon or dragon boating thatwill stimulate team spirit of your group.


Cooking shows

It is generally known that love goes through the stomach. That’s why we recommend our cooking shows for those who want to fall in love with Prague and at the same time learn how to prepare typical Czech meals


Gala dinners

  • Prague can boast of many excellent world-class restaurants where top chefs with wide international experience cook for you. You can choose not just from traditional Czech cuisine, but also world cuisine such as French, or Italian. Choose from restaurants which have beautiful views of Prague castle and the River Vltava, or which are furnished in Art Deco/Art Nouveau style. 



Medieval gala dinners

  • Travel back in time and enjoy the medieval atmosphere of old castles, renaissance chateaux or baroque halls. Suit up in ancient fashionable costumes and turn for a while into Duchess, King or Princess   

Beer tasting

  • Activity that shall not be missed, if you want to experience real Prague and the Czech Republic. Visit some of local breweries, learn about the history and production of beer and taste this popular beverage, by some rates and the best beer in the world


Wine harvest and wine tasting

  • Get to know Bohemian and Moravian country side. Explore local vineyards and spend some unforgettable time in local wine cellars. There is hardly any better activity for building up a unified group while drinking wine and learning Moravian songs


We will make your group have feeling of being unique and of experiencing something extraordinary, they would never manage to undergo as regular tourists in Prague.

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