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SPA Treatments

Are you looking for any special place to relax and recover your energy after the tiring day in Prague? We recommend you the massage in the center of Prague. 

Classic Massage - 60 minutes

The full body massage inspired by Scandinavian techniques will relax the muscles of the entire body by means of fine oil application, support the body´s metabolism, and improve the blood circulation.

Foot relax - 45 minutes

Indulge your legs with a therapy that was used by the most powerful emperors in Assisi several thousands of years ago. A combination of massage techniques and reflex therapy will relax your tired feet, support venous return, and help in the prevention of swelling. When massaging feet, the therapist also influences certain pressure reflex points. This ancient technology brings balance and energises the entire body. At the same time, fine balm application will also soften and regenerate the skin on the soles of your feet.

Lava stones therapy - 75 minutes
Expose your body to the effects of the pleasant heat from genuine lava stones. The vibrations and temperature influence the energy paths in the body, and have beneficial impacts on the mind and completely relieve your stiff muscles. This massage stimulates blood circulation, deeply relaxes and harmonizes the organism, warms the entire body, helps detoxify the organism, and also balances the energy in your body.

Tranquillity - 90 minutes

This is a unique relaxation ritual as according to Aztec traditions. A combination of precious fragrance, fine textures, unique natural elements, and energy from human touch provides a unique deep relaxing experience. It provides long-term hydration and nourishment even for the most extreme cases of dry skin. A continuous sensation of serenity while making your skin luxurious and smooth. This massage is a beautiful and sensual way to eliminate stress and its impact on your body.

Exotic dream - 100 minutes

This indulging treatment, that will stun you with exotic fragrance of fruit and coconut, will become the aroma for your soul and skin. First you will have a fine peeling with coconut milk and cane sugar to completely cleanse your skin. Then a relaxing massage of your body with extra virgin coconut oil will relieve your strained muscles and mind, followed by a warm wrap in coconut butter which greatly hydrates your skin thanks to a mixture of exotic nuts and which will also firm it up and even reduce small wrinkles due to the effects of soy proteins.

Charles IV’s bath - 90 minutes

Pamper your body with relaxation inspired by history. A relaxation massage that will calm your mind and will be followed by an ancient herbal bath with an admixture of mineral salts in which you will feel like a “monarch”.

Coffee peeling - 30 minutes

This fine peeling gently removes the dead skin tissue and at the same time it will leave your skin with pleasant coffee fragrance. Thanks to natural acids contained in coffee, worn skin is regenerated. It also improves the appearance of the skin with a tendency to reduce cellulite

What is included

  • Special Spa Treatment 

Approximate duration

  • 30 - 100 minutes

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  • Price

    35 € / person