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Clementin Old Town

Hotel Clementin Old Town is situated in the heart of the historical center of Prague, between famous Charles Bridge and Old town square. Rarity is the minimum width of the house (3.28 m), making it the narrowest preserved house in Prague. Building history of this house is uncertain, lay-out of the city, however, shows that the house was developed by a supplementary division of a larger neighboring building.In hotel’s vicinity there is Klementinum – enormous complex of buildings, the second biggest one in Prague (Prague Castle being the first one), has always been the center of education and culture. It has been the seat of the National Library for more than two hundred years. It preserves the most valuable manuscripts and all the books that have been published in Bohemia since 1807. The most important parts of Klementinum are the Clock Tower and the Astronomical Tower, which is sixty-eight meters high.

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