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The project has been forged from a variety of influences, but, ultimately, we want to present Prague as we feel it to be: a haven for free thinking. We want the Emblem to be the heart which guides every visitor through Europe’s most beguiling city. With a nod to the history of Prague, we continue a tradition where spirituality and logic coexist in harmony, so that every minute of your stay becomes infused with this essence.The design is a collaboration of an international team headed by the vision of Alison McNeil of Design Dialog, who has brought to life many an outstanding property with her work around the world. In our careful reconstruction of an existing building, we were inspired by beginning of the last century, which is when the property dates back from. Choosing particularly the form and feel of the Art Deco movement, we strove to create something which was an ode to those times, yet tastefully endowed with all the modern accoutrements we enjoy today.

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