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For those who love beer

Brewing has a long tradition in the Czech Republic, whose quality has become world famous. Czechs also belong to the biggest consumers of this golden nectar in the world. Every year they are placed at the top of the consumption ranking, for example, in 2009, finished in first place with an average of 150.7 liters per capita (second place Ireland and third Germany).

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" (Benjamin Franklin) 

History of Beer

Beer was probably the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. The inventor of "the beer" are considered Sumerians living in southern Mesopotamia, approximately 5 thousand years ago. Sumerians used for brewing barley loaves, malt and water which were placed in a large container where fermentation took place. Hops was not yet known at that time, therefore achieving the bitter taste other ingredients were used (breads roasted in hot ashes, green mustard, sesame seeds).

Tradition in Bohemia

The tradition of brewing beer was probably brought by Slavs to the Czech Republic during their migration period. Beer is brewed from the beginning in monasteries, where hops grew. The first mention of beer in the Czech Republic comes from the year 933, when the Czech Bishop Adalbert built a Benedictine monastery in Břevnov and there began to brew beer. The main beer producers were thus monasteries, and later the nobility. The first written mention of beer dates back to 1118, when the brewery was founded in Cerhenice, which is considered the oldest in Bohemia.

You can recognize a good beer after the first sip... Well it's better to be absolutely sure!!! (a Czech proverb)

Beer in Prague

It is very difficult to recommend some good beer clubs / restaurants because there are many of them in Prague! It depends more on your taste and preferred location. Here is a small list of the most famous places and our tips.

Name Address    
 U Fleku  Kremencova 11, Praha 1  more info  our tip!
 U Vejvodu  Jilska 4, Praha 1  more info  our tip!
 The Pub  Ceskoslovenske armady 22, Praha 6  more info  our tip!
 Pivovarsky klub  Krizikova 17, Praha 8  more info  our tip!
 Pivovarsky dum  Jecna/Lipova 15, Praha 2  more info  our tip!
 U Benedikta  Benediktská 11, Praha  more info  our tip!
 Lokal  Dlouha 33, Praha 1  more info  our tip!
Let us know your preferences and we will chose the best restaurant / club for you!!!